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File Name PDF INDD
Guide PDF
Round 25 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Round 30mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Round 35 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Round 50 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Round 80 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Round 95 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Rectangle 85x55mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Rectangle A8 (52x74mm) PDF Adobe Indesign
Rectangle A7 (74x105mm) PDF Adobe Indesign
Rectangle A6 (105x148mm) PDF Adobe Indesign
Square 120x120 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Square 52x52 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Square 74x74 mm PDF Adobe Indesign
Square 105x105 mm PDF Adobe Indesign


Name Stickers


Whether you're organising a big event with a lot of attendees or need want to add your name to your own items! Make it personal with Name Stickers from RJE Design and Printing | Printing services in Gloucestershire. These stickers are available on writable paper ideal for adding a name to each one or on a non-writable PVC if you want to print and have the same name on all. These stickers are delivered individually, so can be distributed easily at events and make forgetting names a thing of the past.
Note: These stickers can be temporarily stuck to clothing and are easily removed. This product is laser cut, which can shrink the foil material slightly, leaving a white border on the edge of each sticker.


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