January 10, 2018

About Us

In 2015, RJE Design and Printing was founded by Ross Elvin, a 15 year old schoolboy that had a passion for design and printing. Ross has worked continuously hard since founding the business to expand the business, and this has been rewarded since by gaining large printing contracts with companies such as GoTiger Sales Development LTD and also The Cheltenham Regency Hotel. Despite his age, Ross has created a business that changed his life for the better.

Since 2015, we have expanded our range of products and services to our clientele. With over 250 products available to our clients to date, which is increasing everyday, we’ve become the one stop shop for all your design and printing services.

Our aim is to deliver businesses, nationwide, products and services that are high quality, affordable and professional, with the ability to offer a wide range of turnarounds, all topped off with the best customer service ever. We never say a job is too big or job is too small or no job is too quick to be turned around. We aim to be on standby for all of your design and printing requirements at any time!